Inside living space, human being has created objects over time, some ones has been designed for his own comfort, to support needs, guaranteeing specific functionalities. Our team has also addressed these issues to bring about innovation, services and tools./p>

The guidelines of each new object we have created (achieving 5 international patents) has been to make everything multifunctional, eclectic, offering more application inside of the space that is utilized. Were created a complete line of furniture, kitchen, bathroom, living and bedrooms, modular solutions for office, applicable in the receptive sectors (like hotels, restaurants, SPA gyms). Below are some of the products:


Eclecticus© With its 8 actuators, the functionality of its compositions is more than the sum of its parts. A single module can be a pouf, a chair or armchair. But two matched (identical) modules provide to (automatically) capability to transform himself in a sofa, or in a chaise longue, or in a triclinium or a in bed.


Sospenditur© Innovative bath tub that allows the user to obtain in his house the beneficial effects of floating (unattainable with a normal bath tub) and hydromassage.

AquA Scrubching©

AquA Scrubching© Innovative multifunctional shower, equipped with automatic exfoliation (scrub), stretching and vertical massage system. There are 8 different coordinated programs for chromotherapy, hydromassage, detox system, plant reflexology, scottish shower, music therapy, aromatherapy, multimedia..


Mutabilis© Sitting able to transform from chair to sofa, with two simple movements, maintaining comfort, ergonomics and functionality. Available in customizable finishes for using in restaurants, hotels, yachts, ..


Alas Kitchen Transformable kitchen, which opens up to offer its functionality and disappear when it doesn’t needed. Cooking and food processing systems (before and after cooking) complement its rich functionalities.

Smartwall & Modularis Wall

Smartwall & Modularis Wall: Wall systems equipped with or without integrated screen. Various functions avaible for set-up, like autonomous integrated lighting system, partition walls between spaces. There are several versions and finishes for the living room, bedroom, office, hotel ..

Moveo Sink&Toilet

Moveo Sink&Toilet: Bathroom wall sistem with key innovations like, reverse water washbasin, console command and disappairing carry objects, movable seat system, toilet and bidet with touch controls, livingtech materials finishes with antibacterial titanium dioxide..


SmartOpus, Modular workplace, designed for both public and team work. Photo-sensitive tops (guarantee privacy contents drawers), new system for keeping your desk clean with all the documents always in sight..

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