“MATER“, the name that we have given to our software system, because we want that each living space takes care of its inhabitants as a “MOTHER“ does for her childs: just having a glimpse or simple hear the voice tone, that’s enough to understand the mood of the own sons. The mother has naturally the ability to tune herself on her baby’s needs.

Through MATER, we have integrated different technologies, we have hidden these technologies behind innovative equipped walls developed by young Italian designers, hoping everyone, everywhere, in the living spaces of the future, can have the ability to:

Solving an accidental need

  • Headache
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Anxiety state removal
  • Decisions support system
  • ….

Planning the support to a future needs

  • Providing energy status
  • Increasing the concentration
  • Supporting the relaxing
  • Providing relation skills
  • ….

Improvement paths on a personal interest topics

  • Creative skills development
  • Memory skills development
  • Increasing learning capacity
  • Seeking the authentic oneself
  • ….

Getting answers to questions on every subject

Thanks to MATER, using the artificial intelligence of IBM WATSON, will be possible to understand user requests meanings and provide answers.

Health management system, nutrition, physical activity for the entire family

During setup MATER elaborates anamnesis and by the time, it goes to integrate day by day datas and infos for each family member to have always updated status informations

Support for studying, working, cooking, free time, 5D entertainment

MATER’s APPs support many specific entertainment activities, managing multimedia & multisensorial items

Direct Connection with Doctors, Friends, Treatment centers ..

Mater is able to open a several audio/video channel with which is possible ex. to have a live call with the doctor (you don’t need to go there)


  • To live in a state of physical-psychic wellness
  • Improving relational skills at each level of communication (family, social, emotional, business, …)
  • To start an evolutionary path in the desired direction (capacity development, business, spirituality, ..)
  • To have a support to understand the causes for physical, psychic, emotional, relational issues, ..
  • To have the capability to analyze forecasting on opportunities, problems and life vicissitudes, getting support for making decisions,
  • Opening to the outside world, audio/video quality connectivity, in a safety way..
  • Having  available much more than a search engine, but a system that can understand what we really need, capable of providing what we are actually looking for,
  • to allow IBM Watson Health & TimeWaver infrastructure to take care of our health and wellbeing 24hx7days
  • to have multimedia / multisense 5D contents experiences (also playing & designing contents)
  • To save the most valuable resource  “the time” by directly connecting with doctors, gyms, training centers, therapists, having everything available at home.

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